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1 Game Board, Red Dice w/Black Dots, 6 varied colored Lucky Lady Bug Markers, Deck of Lucky Lady Bug Cards, and Game Instruction Pamphlet which contains: Complete Instructions to play Game with or without Cards, Migration & Life Cycle Facts (to accompany the game as it is being played), and additional Educational “Did You Know Fact Sheet” in pamphlet.


To be the first Lucky Lady Bug Player to reach Farmer Brown's Organic Strawberry Field and to learn about the Migration and Life Cycle of Lucky Lady Bug.

Includes Alternate Playing instructions for even more fun game play!

We are about to begin a journey with Lucky Lady Bug starting from the time she lays her eggs, then migrates, and eventually returns home.

She will be facing many joyful times along with many potential threats and hazards as she journeys and completes her migration and life cycle!
Join in and learn about her life in this game that explores the World of Lucky Lady Bug!!

Lucky Lady Bug Gameboard

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Lucky Lady Bug 66 Hazard Cards

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Lucky Lady Bug 6 Player Pieces, Stands & Game Die

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